Friday, 25 November 2011

Food from home

Though I love eating in London (and do so voraciously), I still really miss Australian food, even two years on. I don't mean Australian cuisine (if there is such a thing - possum, anyone?), but food stuffs I grew up with.

Cheddar Shapes and cheese flavoured Sakata Crackers...mmm. Dear McVitie's Mini Cheddar biscuits - your lack of powdery artificial flavouring is disappointing. I need flavour you can see!

Offally meat pies (I'll take mystery meat and gravy over steak chunks any day).

And Bonsoy.

Oh, sweet bonsoy, king of soy milks. Despite being recalled a few years back for containing 110 times the healthy amount of daily iodine for an adult (apparently it contained a seaweed product that went a little crazy) I remain ever faithful. Can't have too much iodine right? No goitre for me!  

In London there are a few health food stores that import it in all the way from ye olde Fitzroy, Melbourne, but it’s exorbitant and I need the money for other things. Like electricity.

Anyway, this long prattle does have a point. Yesterday it was a grey day, with that annoying persistent drizzle that's too fine to keep off with an umbrella and makes everything feel clammy. All I wanted to do was curl up under a blanket, but as this is frowned upon at work I decided to pop out to a cafe in my lunch break instead.

And when I did…there it was! Sitting on the counter, that reassuring yellow and purple carton. I ordered the biggest legally allowed chai latte (which cost about as much as a small house) and savoured it on a window table. I was probably hunching over the mug, inhaling deeply with a slightly manic look in my eye, because no one sat next to me during the lunch time rush. Heaven.

The chai was pretty terrible actually – sweet and syrupy, but the soy was so delicious that I didn’t care. I’d meant to work on a paper cut but forgot to bring a pencil to sketch with, so I free cut instead.

And this is what I made:
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